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West Hempstead Compassion Fund


On April 20, 2021, the West Hempstead community and the Stop & Shop family experienced senseless acts of violence in which one of our associates tragically lost his life, and two others were injured.

Many have asked how to help. We have established the West Hempstead Compassion Fund for donations to provide direct financial assistance to the survivors of the deceased and those directly affected by this tragedy. The priority is to give the victims’ families the help and support they’ll need in the years ahead.

Stop & Shop does not own or control the fund or its distributions. It is managed by the National Compassion Fund, a subsidiary of the National Center for Victims of Crime. Click here for more information about the National Compassion Fund. One hundred percent (100%) of the funds raised will go to the families and those affected by the tragedy. Donations made to this fund are tax deductible.

The outpouring of support and requests to help across the community has been overwhelming. Thank you for honoring our team members and friends.

The Protocol

These protocol documents dictate the rules for who is eligible for benefits and how the fund will be managed.

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